Cyberpunk 2077: The Best Cyberware Upgrades (2023)


The best Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware upgrades let you double jump, slow down time, shoot rockets from your wrists, and more.

Cyberpunk 2077‘s character upgrade system includes perks, attributes, mods, and more, but you’re never going to get the most out of this game’s upgrade options if you don’t explore the wonderful, and sometimes confusing, world of Cyberware upgrades.

Cyberware upgrades are a key part of the character-building experience in Cyberpunk 2077, but many players may end up overlooking it due to both the confusing nature of the system itself and the lingering worry that you can somehow choose the “wrong” Cyberware upgrade.

While it’s not really possible to choose a strictly wrong upgrade, you can take a lot of the guesswork out of Cyberpunk 2077‘s Cyberware system by checking out our guide on Cyberware basics and a quick look at the best Cyberware pieces to install.

What is Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberware allows you to upgrade your Cyberpunk 2077 character with a variety of statistical boosts and new abilities. Each part of your body can accommodate a limited number of Cyberware components specifically designed for that region.


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Cyberware is essentially an extension of the game’s perk system (many implants even require a minimum number of attribute points) but tends to be a little more valuable at times due to both the power level of individual Cyberware pieces and the fact that you can relatively easily swap implants in and out based on your needs.

How Do I Acquire and Install New Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077?

Like most of the other equipment in Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberware can be bought, found, or earned by completing certain missions.

That brings us to Ripperdocs. Along with being the primary vendors of Cyberware, you won’t be able to install a new piece of Cyberware unless you visit one of the Ripperdocs found throughout Night City and the Badlands. Just be warned that purchasing and installing Cyberware is one of the most expensive activities in the game. You’re going to want to be careful with which pieces you choose to install unless you want to watch your bank account implode every time you visit a Ripperdoc.

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What Is the Best Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077?

“Best” is kind of subjective in this category considering that some Cyberware effects are only useful to players pursuing specific types of character builds.

Having said that, we can easily recommend a few pieces of Cyberware based either on their unique attributes or their general effectiveness (or, in a couple of cases, both). While the rarest version of each of these components is always the best, don’t be afraid to settle for a lower-tier version of the best Cyberware implants while you earn the extra eddies for the best of the best.


Effect: Reduces all cyberware cooldowns by 20%.


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(Video) How To Get All Of The Best Cyberware In Cyberpunk 2077

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson

Considering that some of Cyberpunk 2077‘s best Cyberware utilizes some kind of cooldown period, it’s incredibly valuable to be able to universally reduce cooldowns by 20%. You can obviously skip this one if you’re not planning on installing too many cooldown components.


Effect: Instantly restores 50% Health when Health drops to 15% (180 sec. cooldown).

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson

While this piece’s three-minute cooldown can be a bit rough, this is one of the key components for players interested in building a nearly unkillable V.

Bioplastic Blood Vessels

Effect: Increases Health regen outside of combat by 2 points per second.


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Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside and Northwest of Kabuki)

This is a generally useful Cyberware piece that has the potential to break the game if it’s paired with the right combination of perks that boost your regen abilities. At the very least, it helps you bounce from fight to fight with minimal downtime.

Fortified Ankles

Effect: Hold the jump button to charge a powerful leap.

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside, Northwest of Kabuki, North of Kabuki)

There’s actually a couple of directions you can go in when you’re looking for leg implants, but it’s hard to argue against the long-term value of Fortified Ankles. While this mod won’t let you leap tall buildings in a single bound, you’d be surprised by how many navigation options it opens up.

Gorilla Arms

Effect: Gorilla Arms charge with each attack. When you perform a Strong Attack, they deal bonus damage based on the charge level. Gorilla Arms also allow you to force open locked doors and rip turrets from their bases.


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Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside, Northwest of Kabuki, North of Kabuki)

One of the coolest pieces of Cyberware in the game is a near necessity for pure melee builds, but its real value may lie in how it allows you to enjoy some of the fringe benefits of strength-focused characters without having to fully commit to that playstyle.


Effect: Instantly restores 10% Health after defeating an enemy.

(Video) Cyberpunk 2077 Best Cyberware - Top 10 Must Have Legendary And Epic Cybernetics

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside, North of Kabuki)

For melee and gunslinger builds (especially Cold Blooded builds) this piece of Cyberware makes life much easier. When combined with the proper series of weapons, perks, and augmentations, this ability makes it easier than ever to leave a battle virtually unscathed.

Heat Converter

Effect: When affected by Burn, instead of receiving damage from it, you deal 10% more damage.

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Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northwest of Kabuki)

Burn attacks are among the most annoying things to deal with in Cyberpunk 2077, so being able to ignore them is reason enough to pursue this implant. The fact you get a damage boost on top of that effect is just insane.

Lynx Paws

Effect: Allows you to move and run more quietly. The sound of your footsteps will not carry as far.

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northwest of Kabuki)

Cyberpunk 2077‘s bugs can make stealth gameplay more difficult than it should be, but you can negate the impact of those technical shortcomings somewhat with this piece of Cyberware that greatly reduces the noise you make.

Mantis Blades

Effect: Mantis Blades allow you to slice and dice your enemies with swift, deadly slashes. They also unlock the ability to leap towards a target and deal massive damage.


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Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside, Northwest of Kabuki, North of Kabuki)

Granted, Mantis Blades aren’t actually your “best in slot” option, but they’re cool enough to pursue if you don’t intend on regularly using anything else that would occupy the same slot.

Memory Boost

Effect: Defeating an enemy instantly recovers 2 cyberdeck RAM units.

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside)

This isn’t the flashiest ability, but it does make it much easier to pursue more aggressive hacking builds. Even those who only occasionally use hacking might be able to get some mileage out of this one.


Effect: When your Health drops to 15%, release an electroshock that deals damage equal to 20% of the target enemy’s max Health.

(Video) Cyberpunk 2077 - All the Best Legendary Cyberware You Need To Get! (Cyberpunk 2077 Tips & Tricks)


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Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside)

Your health drops fast in Cyberpunk 2077, so you might as well make the most of it. While generally useful, this implant is particularly effective at harder difficulty levels.

Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan

Effect: Activate to slow time by 70% for 20 seconds. While active, Crit Chance +20%, Crit Damage +35%, and Damage +15% (30 second cooldown).

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Heywood

This is absolutely one of the best pieces of Cyberware in the game for any combat builds. The effect is powerful enough on its own, but it’s that surprisingly generous 30-second cooldown that makes this a real game-changer.


Effect: The Monowire charges when equipped but not used in combat. Attacks with a charged wire deal bonus damage based on the charge level. Charge level and bonus damage dealt decline with each attack.


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Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside, Northwest of Kabuki, North of Kabuki)

This unique piece of equipment is somewhat difficult to understand, but it can be incredibly useful for stealth players looking to perform burst damage attacks in a pinch. It’s also pretty handy for “fist” melee players as this item’s effectiveness is based on the Body and Cool attributes rather than blades.

Projectile Launch System

Effect: The Projectile Launcher allows you to unleash various powerful projectiles, dealing various types of damage, causing explosions, and applying status effects.

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside, Northwest of Kabuki, North of Kabuki)

It may not be the most practical upgrade in Cyberpunk 2077, but in terms of fun and the “cool” factor, this is absolutely one of the best pieces of Cyberware in the game. You may even find that this implant greatly increases your damage output when used effectively.

Reinforced Tendons

Effect: Press “Jump” while in midair to perform a double jump.


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Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside, Northwest of Kabuki, North of Kabuki)

The other major leg implant in the game allows you to perform a quick double-jump. It doesn’t have quite as much upside as the ability offered by Fortified Ankles, but its a little easier to use in a pinch and generally makes navigation more fun.

Second Heart

Effect: Instantly restores 100% of max Health when your Health falls to 0 (120 second cooldown).

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Heywood

This implant is useful on its own, but it’s possible to use this as the core component of a build that makes it nearly impossible to die during typical combat situations. Even if you don’t pursue that style of play, this piece is one of the most valuable “safeguards” in the game.


Effect: Negates effects of enemy quickhacks (45 second cooldown).


(Video) Arm Cyberware Is All You Need in Cyberpunk 2077! | Ranking

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Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside)

This surprisingly cheap piece of Cyberware certainly isn’t the most exciting implant in the game, but it does eliminate one of the most annoying mechanics in Cyberpunk 2077. You should certainly consider this if you’re looking for utility implants to fill empty slots.

Smart Link

Effect: Allows you to use the smart-targeting module in Smart weapons. Directly links the user’s optical implant to the weapon’s system, offering real-time data-tracking.

Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northside, Northwest of Kabuki, North of Kabuki)

Honestly, this effect should probably be activated by default (or be tied to a perk), but if you want to be able to properly use Cyberpunk 2077‘s smart weapons, you’re going to have to install this at some point. You can obviously skip this one if you’re focusing on melee or hacking builds.

Subdermal Armor

Effect: Increases Armor by 200.


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Where to Get It: Ripperdoc in Watson (Northwest of Kabuki)

Yes, this is the most “boring” piece of Cyberware that we’re recommending on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. Not only is the extra armor useful in all combat situations, but having extra armor makes it easier to choose clothing based on looks rather than slight defensive boosts.


(Video) Cyberpunk 2077 - Best Legendary & Secret Cyberware Mods You Can Get For Free! (Cyberpunk 2077 Tips)


Is fortified ankles or Reinforced Tendons better? ›

There are two jump-modifying Leg Cyberware, Fortified Ankles, and Reinforced Tendons. Fortified Ankles will unlock the Charged Jump, allowing players to charge up a jump and leap high into the air. On the other hand, installing Reinforced Tendons will allow the player to jump a second time when already in the air.

Are bionic lungs worth it cyberpunk? ›

The Bionic Lungs are perfect for ensuring that V's stamina is peaked. The highest level that the Bionic Lungs reach is legendary, and they cost up to $7,000, with an 18 body requirement. While it will take a while to get to level 18, it is worth the wait as it increases V's stamina by 60%.

Should I double jump or charge jump cyberpunk? ›

Cyberpunk 2077's double jump and charge jump are both acquired the same way - through purchasing cyberware from ripperdocs. The Charge Jump is unlocked through the "Fortified Ankles" upgrade, while you get Cyberpunk 2077's double jump by purchasing the "Reinforced Tendons" upgrade.

Do stronger tendons make you stronger? ›

And so in real-world, full-body movements and compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, pullups, and gymnastics work, healthy and strong tendons increase performance. They make you stronger, more explosive, more powerful, and more resilient.

Do longer tendons make you stronger? ›

“The runner with the longer Achilles tendon gets more of that needed force from the tendon's elastic recoil, requiring the muscle to generate less force and use less energy while running at that speed. Theoretically, a shorter tendon doesn't have as much potential to stretch and thus supply additional force.”

Should I keep fingers alive cyberpunk? ›

If V can swallow their morals and get over Fingers' abhorrent practices with his other patients, they can benefit from letting him live. Players have a moral decision to make when it comes to Fingers the Ripperdoc. Killing him awards a bounty on V's head and a lost source of cyberware.

Does it matter if you pay the Zen Master cyberpunk? ›

You may be wondering if it matters if you pay or not. The answer is no, as the quest plays out the same either way.

Is Johnny Silverhand gun good? ›

The Malorian Arms 3516 is an Iconic pistol that was custom-made for Keanu Reeves' character Johnny Silverhand and can be upgraded to Legendary tier. The pistol has 96-118 Damage and at the Legendary tier, the 3516 can inflict +66-83 Thermal Damage and its bullets can ricochet off surfaces.

How do you get overpowered in cyberpunk? ›

15 Tips To Make An Overpowered Hacker In Cyberpunk 2077
  1. 10 Tough It Up In The Early Game.
  2. 11 Prioritize RAM. ...
  3. 12 Take Advantage Of Security Cameras. ...
  4. 13 Don't Ignore The Cool Tree (Cold Blood) ...
  5. 14 Don't Sleep On Short Circuit. ...
  6. 15 In the Hacking Minigame, You Can Put Junk Combinations In The Queue. ...
Aug 16, 2022

What attributes should I Max cyberpunk? ›

We recommend you spend most of your initial points on Reflexes, Intelligence, and Body or Cool. Reflexes and Intelligence give you a mix of Netrunner and Solo styles. Body and Cool are interchangeable depending on if you want to lean a tad more into combat or stealth.

What should you not do in cyberpunk? ›

Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Things You Should Never Do
  1. 1 Be Overly Aggressive. There are many ways to deal with an engagement in Cyberpunk 2077.
  2. 2 Do Only The Main Quest. ...
  3. 3 Fast Travel Everywhere. ...
  4. 4 Stick To Night City. ...
  5. 5 Wait To Get Mantis Blades. ...
  6. 6 Reject The Ripperdocs. ...
  7. 7 Leave Intelligence Alone. ...
  8. 8 Stay Away From Junk. ...
Feb 1, 2022

Can you upgrade cyberware to legendary? ›

You won't be able to access Legendary or Epic cyberware until near the end of the game, but will be able to get its basic cousin relatively early, so we're sticking to the cyberware in general, and trusting that as the game goes on, you'll upgrade the ones you get the most use out of.

Should I pay the Ripperdoc? ›

There's one main reason to complete Paid In Full: when you pay back Viktor you'll unlock access to his full services as a ripperdoc. In other words, you can buy from his selection of cybernetic implants and upgrades and have them installed. However, if you don't pay him back, you don't miss out on too much.

What Ripperdoc sells legendary? ›

Biomonitor (Legendary)
  • Cost: $42,000.
  • Requires 18 Body.
Dec 10, 2020

Why are my tendons so weak? ›

Causes can include overuse as well as age, injury, or disease related changes in the tendon. Risk factors for tendon disorders can include excessive force, repetitive movements, frequent overhead reaching, vibration, and awkward postures.

Do tendons get weaker with age? ›

As you get older, a number of physical changes occur in and around your tendons. Most notably, the overall water content within the tendons decreases, which makes them stiffer and less flexible. Tensile strength also decreases.

Do tendons grow as fast as muscle? ›

Tendon Hypertrophy DOES happen – It just happens much more slowly than muscular hypertrophy.

How do you speed up tendon growth? ›

Strengthening exercises to help you rebuild tendon strength and avoid future injuries. Ultrasound heat therapy to improve blood circulation, which may aid the healing process. Deep massage to boost flexibility and circulation and prevent further injuries. Endurance activities, such as riding a stationary bike.

Does tendon heal slower than muscle? ›

Tendon Healing Considerations

Tendons attach muscles to bones. Tendons generally have a more limited blood supply than muscles. This makes them somewhat slower healing structures in comparison to muscle.

How fast do tendons get stronger? ›

While you can see structural changes to your muscles in only 8 days, it can take weeks to months of training to increase tendon strength. For example, it takes at least 2 months of training to produce structural changes in the Achilles' tendon, including increased collagen synthesis and collagen density.

Is it possible to save Barry cyberpunk? ›

The blue dialogue lines are optional, as always, but the important one you have to choose to save Barry is “I visited Andrew's Grave”. This is the only dialogue option that will keep him safe and alive.

Is it possible to save Evelyn Parker cyberpunk? ›

The short answer to whether Evelyn Parker can be saved is a resounding no. She is a popular character that meets an untimely end in Cyberpunk 2077.

Can you still romance Judy if you don't punch Fingers? ›

You will upset Judy, but this will not affect your relationship with her and your chances to romance her later on. If you side with Judy, you still have a chance to get Fingers to like you, but you will have to go through a few more jumps in this conversation.

Can you save the monk without killing? ›

Approaching the monk named Bhikkhu reveals that Maelstrom gang members forced body mods on him. They'll ask for help rescuing their brother from the Malestrom members nearby and ask that you don't kill them. You can achieve this by taking a non-lethal approach to the situation.

Is Lizzy Wizzy a robot? ›

Elsewhere, Grimes will take on the character of Lizzy Wizzy, a cyborg pop star whose whole body was replaced with cybernetics after she died onstage (get a closer look at the character and her backstory here).

Should I give Johnny the body cyberpunk? ›

During the Nomad ending, V has the choice between giving Johnny control or retaining the body for himself. Retaining the body lets V run away with Panam after the Adam Smasher fight, but giving the body to Johnny results in a simple life where Johnny has another chance to live.

What is the strongest sword in cyberpunk? ›

Satori. The best Katana in the game by far is the Satori. It can deal 3.85 strikes per second with each one having a base damage of 57.

Can you equip Johnny Silverhand arm? ›

To permanently equip Johnny Silverhand's arm while playing V, players will first need to finish the side quest Chippin' In. This side quest is essential to obtaining Cyberpunk 2077's secret ending, and it'll be assigned to V automatically after finishing the main quest Tapeworm.

What is the best legendary rifle in cyberpunk? ›

Details: The Malorian Arms 3516 is, hands down, one of the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. It's fast, reliable, and as stylish as its former owner. It comes with Ricochet functionality, thermal damage, and Headshot damage multiplier, as well as four mod slots in case you wanted to make it even more powerful.

Who is the most powerful character cyberpunk? ›

1 V, Vincent Or Valerie, The Player Character

Of course, the main protagonist is the game's most powerful character. Although it wasn't always the case, by the end of the game, V is the most powerful character in Night City considering they managed to defeat most of the most powerful characters in Night City.

Can you get 20 in all attributes in cyberpunk? ›

The maximum level for each of these attributes is level 20.

Given the number of attribute points you're given over the course of an entire playthrough, that means you can only max out 3 attributes to level 20 (which leaves you with 5 points leftover for the two remaining attributes).

Is there a sixth attribute in cyberpunk? ›

Cyberpunk 2077 has five skill trees, but there's a sixth empty node on the customization screen - here's what it could be for.

Is Level 50 Max in cyberpunk? ›

In Cyberpunk 2077, all players max out at Level 50. There are also Attribute Points you can spend to gain proficiencies in certain areas, such as Body, Technical Ability, Reflexes, Intelligence, and Cool.

Is higher DPS better cyberpunk? ›

Personally, I tend to prefer higher Damage even if the DPS is lower, because I can usually control the real performance of the weapon better. DPS is really only useful if you like to spray enemies from close distance with a hail of bullets. Ultimately, it's more about how the gun "feels" to you.

Should I pull out or keep digging Cyberpunk? ›

Since asking about the risks reveals it's not likely he could get killed, you may want to ask the agent to keep digging, but if you're worried about the safety of his family, you can always pull him out.

Should I be a nomad street kid or corpo? ›

Nomad is the friendliest option for beginners, Street Kid is the most effective for role-playing purposes, and Corpo offers a more unique experience for those who have played the game before.

Does killing matter Cyberpunk? ›

Going Non-Lethal Does Not Impact The Story

The biggest problem with Non-Lethal combat in Cyberpunk is that it does not matter. Even in the Gigs, where V's Fixer tells you not to kill the target, the only thing that changes if you manage to keep them alive is the number of credits at the end.

Is fortified ankles or reinforced tendons better? ›

There are two jump-modifying Leg Cyberware, Fortified Ankles, and Reinforced Tendons. Fortified Ankles will unlock the Charged Jump, allowing players to charge up a jump and leap high into the air. On the other hand, installing Reinforced Tendons will allow the player to jump a second time when already in the air.

Is upgrading weapons worth it Cyberpunk? ›

Iconic weapons can be upgraded to keep them relevant. Some will be found as a blue rare or even a green uncommon but they are worth every bit of effort to make them legendary guns that will never leave a player's holster again.

Should I pay Vik back cyberpunk? ›

Should I Pay Off Viktor Cyberpunk 2077? One of the main advantages of Paying In Full is that you will gain access to Viktor's full services as a ripper when you pay back. In other words, if you want to have them installed, he has a full line of cybernetic implants and upgrades available.

Should I pay Rogue 15000? ›

This job requires you to pay $ 15,000 money in order to proceed. You can come back and pay Rogue later but it is more time efficient if you have the money already on you.

Where can I find free legendary cyberware in cyberpunk? ›

Cyberpunk 2077 Monowire location

The Legendary Monowire location is right next to the "Charter St" Fast Travel point in Watson, a short distance to the north-east of your apartment. See the below map if you need.

What is the best arm implant in cyberpunk? ›

The Projectile Launch System is the best Arm Cyberware to equip for players who don't ever get close to enemies. At its core, this Arm-based Rocket Launcher functions the same way having infinite frag grenades would.

Is fingers a good Ripperdoc? ›

Despite being a horrible person (certainly not worthy of being called choom in Cyberpunk 2077's slang), Fingers is a skilled ripperdoc, and the cyberware he offers could very well stay an overzealous mantis blade.

Which tendons are the strongest? ›

Sometimes the Achilles tendon is torn during a non-sports-related injury such as a fall. The Achilles tendon is the thickest and strongest tendon in the body.

What is best for tendon repair? ›

Leucine, (an amino acid which was discussed in the previous article regarding muscle repair), is a key amino acid to include in your diet. It's the only amino acid known to directly stimulate muscle cell growth and repair, and it's also been shown to directly stimulate tendon formation.

Are stiffer tendons better? ›

Tendons need a certain elasticity to absorb high loads, such as mechanical shock, without tearing. In sports involving sprinting and jumping, however, stiff tendons are an advantage because they transmit the forces that unfold in the muscles more directly to the bones.

Who has the strongest tendons? ›

Tendons from kangaroo rats are exceptionally strong and tough | Scientific Reports.

How strong is Achilles God? ›

Achilles became invulnerable everywhere but at his heel where his mother held him. Because Achilles was a half-god, he was very strong and soon became a great warrior. However, he was also half human and wasn't immortal like his mother. He would get old and die someday and he could also be killed.

Do muscles get stronger faster than tendons? ›

Hypertrophy refers to an increase in muscular size achieved through exercise.” Pointing out that this rapid muscle growth (in SOME activities, sports and training regimens) can outpace tendon growth and strength (over the course of several months or longer.)

What happens if you don't repair a tendon? ›

Left untreated, injuries like partial tendon tears can become full ruptures that leave no connection between bones and muscle. Achilles tendon ruptures and ACL ruptures can disable your ability to put weight on your legs, bend or straighten your knees, stand on tiptoe, or walk with a normal heel-to-toe stride.

How do you speed up tendon damage? ›

A typical plan might include:
  1. Stretching and flexibility exercises to help the tendon heal completely and avoid long-term pain.
  2. Strengthening exercises to help you rebuild tendon strength and avoid future injuries.
  3. Ultrasound heat therapy to improve blood circulation, which may aid the healing process.
Aug 12, 2022

Can a tendon be repaired twice? ›

If the tendon damage is too severe, the repair and reconstruction may have to be done at different times. The surgeon will perform one surgery to repair part of the injury. Another surgery will be done at a later time to finish repairing or reconstructing the tendon.

Should you ice or stretch first? ›

Use heat before stretching or doing a home exercise program. You can still use ice or cold treatment after exercise or activities to prevent any flare of inflammation. Just remember “Warm up, cool down”.

How often should you train your tendons? ›

An easy way to maintain and restore tendon health is to add or substitute heavy and slow exercise into a training program using the FITT Principle: Frequency: 2 times a day separated by at least 6 hours, 3-4 days per week.

What is the strongest muscle ever? ›

The strongest muscle based on its weight is the masseter. With all muscles of the jaw working together it can close the teeth with a force as great as 55 pounds (25 kilograms) on the incisors or 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms) on the molars. The uterus sits in the lower pelvic region.

Are tendons stronger than steel? ›

Remarkably, gram for gram the Type-I collagen that comprise tendon tissue is stronger than steel!

What is the weakest tendon? ›

The achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body but also the weakest in terms of the stress placed on it. For example when a person jumps up and lands the Achilles tendon experience upto 90% of the force required to rupture it. So a little bit of weakening of it can go a long way.


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