Where to Get Face Masks Locally in Hoboken + Jersey City (2023)

On the weekend of April 12th, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy expanded the state’s coronavirus mask order, urging residents to cover their faces whenever they go out in public. Under the new requirements, customers must wear masks or face-coverings when picking up takeout orders at restaurants {not yet mandated for curbside pickups}, going to grocery stores + pharmacies, or visiting other essential retail businesses.

Small businesses have been quick to respond. A search on Instagram with the keyword masks returns apparel brands across the country that have recently started mask production. Many are individually-owned retailers making use of fabric materials and cloth-making know-hows to meet the surging demand.

Given that the postal service is extremely stressed these days, buying local provides the extra advantage of quick shipping, local delivery, and easy pick-up options. Hoboken Girl has rounded up a list of local resources, most of which were started by Hoboken and Jersey City residents, to obtain and donate masks. These include individuals and small businesses making masks, nonprofits organizing mask donation initiatives, as well as companies offering masks for sale. Here’s where + who to get face from masks + covers in Hoboken and Jersey City.

Adrienn Braun, Hoboken Resident + Business owner

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{Photo credit: @adriennbraun}

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Adrienn Braun, the owner + designer of Adrienn Braun Bridal at the Monroe Art Center, is now donating home-sewn masks to local hospitals, as well as selling them to local residents at pay-what-you-can prices.

Adrienn currently doesn’t charge a fixed price but she encourages individual buyers to give a fair donation so that she and her husband can keep up with their work. They are working hard for 15 hours a day, making about 100 masks daily to fill orders from individuals and organizations. Right now four local hospitals, as well as the Hoboken Shelter, are waiting for her donations. But she tries to fill individual customer orders as quickly as she can.

Interested buyers can reach Adrienn on Instagram @adriennbraun.

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Where to Get Face Masks Locally in Hoboken + Jersey City (4)

Where to Get Face Masks Locally in Hoboken + Jersey City (5)

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Alexa Marie, Hoboken Resident and Small Business Owner

Alexa, a massage therapist and owner of Hoboken’s The Crafted Hand, and her tattoo artist fiancé Mark Harada, have started sewing masks and offering them to local residents. Their businesses were forced to shut down during the lockdown, and she, as a sewing enthusiast, has picked-up mask making to keep busy and stay afloat.

Alexa uses 100% recycled material, from old shirts, slacks, and scrap fabric donated from family and friends. She asks for a minimum of a $10 donation per mask, which includes local contactless delivery in Hoboken and Jersey City. Interested buyers can reach out to her by email at alexa@thecraftedhand.com.

Megan Avery of M Avery Design Sewing Studio

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{Photo credit: @maverydesigns}

Megan Avery, owner of M Avery Design Sewing Studio has been a sewing instructor and has more than 14 years of experience, and is now offering self-made fabric masks for sale. The masks are 100%cotton, washable, and reversible. Each has a pouch inside so that customers can use extra filter materials if they wish.

The price is $40 dollars for three masks, which covers the cost of labor and material. It also includes free priority mail shipping anywhere in the U.S. Megan is also donating self-made masks to local first responders. The orders can be placed on Megan’s website. Any additional request, such as shipping information and kid-sized masks, can be included in a note section.

Tony, Hoboken Resident + Small Business Owner

Hoboken business owner Tony Monaco, of Tony Monaco Furniture Design, and his friend are offering homemade masks for donation and sale. The masks are cotton and machine washable. For regular residents, they cost $7 each. Tony and his friend also give out the masks to medical workers and other first responders for free. Interested customers can reach out to Tony by text at 551-655-6677. The masks can be picked up at 49 Harrison Street in Hoboken NJ.

Vinny, Hoboken Resident

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{Photo credit: @vincenz_}

A Hoboken resident, Vinny, is working hard to make homemade masks for the community. His masks are thin, comfortable, and have a metal bridge to prove comfort for your nose. DM to purchase.

Diana, Hoboken Resident

Diana, a former employee at Hoboken restaurant Margherita’s, is now making masks for local residents and first responders. These are fabric face masks come with an optional filter insert {from extra floral fabric material she had intended for hair bow making.}

She charges $8.00 for each mask, and that covers labor and material. She also offers her masks to medical workers free of charge. Currently, drop-off is available for Hoboken addresses, and other buyers can also pick up their masks at Diana’s location in Jersey City Heights. She currently produces about 100 masks a week. Interested local residents can reach out to Diana at 201-744-0599, or Diana Armengolt on Facebook.

Andrew Vo, Hoboken Resident

Andrew Vo, a Hoboken resident, has recently imported a batch of face masks from Vietnam and is now offering them for sale. Each mask consists of three layers of fabric made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester. They are liquid resistant and can be machine washed. The price is $3.5 for each mask, and there is a minimum purchase of five masks per order. {The masks come one pack of five.} Bulk purchase is also available with a maximum order of 30,000. Delivery is available in Hoboken. Interested buyers can contact Andrew at A12Masks@Gmail.com.

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Michelle’s Choice, Jersey City E-commerce Website

Michelle’s Choice, an e-commerce company started by a group of Jersey City residents, have recently launched a personal health and protection line that offers protective equipment such as masks, face shields, and gloves. Product selection and details can be found on their recently updated website. New items may be added if available. The orders are shipped from Jersey City to U.S. addresses via USPS upon order. Credit cards and Paypal payments are accepted.

Danielle, Hoboken Local

Hoboken local, Danielle, is making and selling masks on her personal Etsy account here. Hoboken or Jersey City residents can order directly through Danielle via Instagram: @HobokenMasks.

Hudson and Asher

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{Photo credit @hudsonandasher}

Hoboken based clothing store, Hudson and Asher, is sewing together masks for the community. They come machine washable and with small slits to add the filters necessary to ensure the safety of health care workers. DM to purchase.

Danielle, Hoboken Resident

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Danielle — who works in the textile industry — is currently working with a cut and sew factory and has 500 masks on the way that she will be selling and delivering to the community. The masks are black on black, antibacterial, 3 layers, washable, reusable, and one size fits all. Plus, the interior is 100% cotton, so it’s soft on skin. Each mask costs $8 {and she’s offering free delivery for Hoboken orders}. You can order yours here.

(Video) Hoboken Considers $250 Fine For Citizens Not Wearing Masks: 'I Just Think It's Gonna Be Unenforceabl

MaskClub, Subscription Service with Donation Options

The leading licensee business Trevco has launched a new direct-to-consumer site called MaskClub for branded face masks where over 2,000 designs from brands like NASA, My Little Pony, and Hello Kitty are available for order. Customers can subscribe to receive one mask a month at $9.99, or buy them one-off for $13.99. The site donates a mask for every mask purchased to frontline workers. Currently, the company is producing at a capacity of 20,000 masks a day. You can learn more and order here.

Mask for Heros, PPE Donation Coordinator

Learn how to make your own mask at home with Mask For Heroes. This is an organization started by a group of mom bloggers across the country, has served as a link between PPE providers and front line workers. Individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to donate masks are paired with a medical service provider in serious need of protective equipment. Interested donors and health providers in need can visit the Masks For Heroes website, which helps to match the donors to a nearby receiver and coordinate the delivery. A tutorial on mask sewing is also available on the website. Currently, the organization does not accept cash donations.

Top Shelf Premium

Last Place Winners has been creating and selling machine washable, cloth face masks, costing between $25-$35. They offer various designs so you can stay fashionable while staying safe + supporting a local business. DM to purchase.

Zero Kid NJ

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{Photo credit: @zerokid_nj}

Jersey City-based retail store, Zero Kid NJ, is creating custom made unisex masks. Machine washable and made from treated and recycled textiles, they also come with slits to add filter paper into. DM to purchase.

Natasha Oh, Jersey City Resident

Natasha Oh makes masks locally in the Greenville section of Jersey City. She can provide a fully adjustable fabric mask with an inner pocket for an optional filter. She does ask for an $8 donation as that covers materials and some labor, but will continue to donate to those that can’t afford the asked donation. She can be reached by texting 917-701-9251 provides contactless delivery.

Matthew Zonis, Hoboken Resident {Via Masx Tech}

Matthew Zonis works with Masx Tech on supplying face masks to the New Jersey area. The masks consist of high-quality water-repellent 3 ply fabric, are double-layered and contain an internal zinc-oxide filter coating for added protection for the wear. The masks also are certified anti-bacterialand are reusable and washable up to 30 times.

Masks can be purchased here, with a minimum order of three masks per purchase.

Anna, Jersey City Resident

Anna is originally from Barcelona, Spain and moved to Jersey City in 2019. She began making masks for her family during quarantine like many others and decided to start selling them, that’s when Totally Rad Mama was born. Anna sells masks for kids and adults and has an array of designs available. The sizes of her masks are kids small and medium, and adults small and large. Shop her masks here.

Amanda Tannenbaum, Hoboken Resident

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{Photo credit: @maskchains_bymandy}

(Video) Hoboken To Lift Indoor Mask Mandate, Ahead of State Schools

If you’re looking to step-up your face mask-game, Amanda’s got you covered. She is a Hoboken resident who turned her quarantine hobby into a business and makes face mask chains for adults and children {to go along with face masks, of course}. The face mask chains are made-to-order and can be customized by chain style, as well as charms or names/initials if beaded. Amanda does free local deliveries, and you can DM her on Instagram to find out if free delivery applies for your location + discuss styles for your custom chain.

Do you know of a local resident or business selling/making masks? Email us at hello@hobokengirl.com!

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Where to Get Face Masks Locally in Hoboken + Jersey City (13)

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